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“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.”

– Isabel Allende

About Naomi Valkyrie

Naomi Valkyrie

Firebrand Provocateur ~ Director of Domestic Operations (aka Mom & Wife) ~ Actually Autistic

Author ~ Avid reader ~ Starbucks tea addict ~ Goth girl ~ Lover of dark and spooky things.

Sometimes I attempt to put words on paper and make it into something coherent.


This site is dedicated to my life-long, multi-layered love affair with books!

House Valdis Series



Raised in a society that treats women like cattle, Xenobia does her best to fly under the radar and not bring attention to herself. She obeys the rules, and she doesn’t get attached to people – until Urd.

After a man with extreme sadistic tendencies buys her and her best friend Urd, Xen lays awake at night planning their escape. When Urd overhears their Master’s ultimate plan for them, even though they aren't prepared, the girls have no choice but to run, hoping to find the underground movement and get to safety.

While on the run for their lives, Xen learns that the price of rebellion is steep.

*This short story takes place before the first House Valdis novel – The Rise of House Valdis.


The Rise of House Valdis

Book 1

When Xenobia arrived on Earth seven years ago she was given an opportunity to start over. Maggie, her best friend, is the only one who knows what she really is. Walking in on Maggie being beaten, Xen makes a split-second decision that begins a series of events which threaten to expose her true nature, and her heart.

With danger looming, Xen is required to face her trust issues and self-doubt in order to traverse the unexpected world she finds herself mixed up in. She must decide whether the lives of her chosen family are worth exposing her secret, and whether she is willing to accept her new role and the responsibility that comes with it.


It Comes From Within

Book 2

After six months, the stress of the House Valdis expansion is starting to take its toll on everyone. Xenobia has taken her time with the transition in an effort to show the former House Muerte members that she is not like their former Master.

Unfortunately, her good intentions have left the way wide open for insurrection. An unsanctioned blood den is discovered, and in the process of investigating the parties involved, an unexpected enemy is revealed.

The new discovery sends Xenobia on a trip down memory lane. Will she find that her memories are the solution to victory, or will they only be there to haunt her forever?

This book will be best enjoyed after reading the first book in this series, The Rise of House Valdis. The House Valdis series is intended for readers 18+.


Life is Hell Series

No Rest for the Wicked

Book 1

Delilah Hawthorne

I’m burned out, used up, and currently a sorry excuse for a demon. In a bold move, I leave my bar in the hands of a fellow demon and head out of the city with no specific destination.

Finding myself in a small town called Juniper Lake, I think I’ve finally gotten a chance to rest and recharge. No more killing. No more vengeance. Just the sweet relief of peace and quiet.

But the joke’s on me. Juniper Lake is full of secrets. It looks like the old saying is true. There really is no rest for the wicked.


Hell Hath No Fury

Book 2

Sheridan Dion

I followed my friend, Delilah, to Juniper Lake and ended up staying.

It’s not the kind of place you’d expect a hedonism demon to choose, but there’s a certain human deputy that’s caught my eye and snared my heart. When my world bleeds into hers, my instinct is to protect her – but I might also be the reason she’s in danger. It figures. I finally find someone to give my heart to, but chances are I’ll just end up breaking hers – or get her killed.


Hell in a Handbasket

Book 3

Teivel Tynan

Going to Juniper Lake to help out my ex was supposed to be a one-time thing, but when several opportunities to return come up, I can’t turn them down.

My ex’s deputy fascinates me and keeps pulling me back to the town. The only problem is, I’m a demon and he’s a Demon Hunter. At least I thought that was the only problem.

When a bundle of joy mysteriously lands on the Hunter’s doorstep, everything goes to Hell In A Handbasket.


Sure As Hell

Book 4

Jaru & Larkspur's Story


A Cold Day In Hell

Book 5

Jezebel & Hadassah's Story


Something Wicked

Book 6

Kasim & Madok's Story


Books with Rebecca E. McEwen

The Widow

A Dark Romantic Fantasy

A year after her husband’s death, Vashti grows weary of the grief and loneliness that plagues her. Forcing herself to leave the sanctuary of her mansion, she ventures into town. Although Vashti intends to maintain her privacy, she finds herself compelled to take in a recently single college student.

When Absalom’s girlfriend is caught cheating, he ends up with no place to go. Vashti’s offer of housing in exchange for companionship seems heaven sent, even if it does come with a strangely specific contract.

Things are going well for both Vashti and Absalom until his friend Simeon enters the picture. With his entrance into their lives he brings unwanted drama with him. The privacy Vashti has worked so hard to protect is suddenly endangered, and Absalom sees everything he’s built with Vashti begin to crumble.

When lives are threatened, will Vashti’s solution to the problem alter the course of their lives forever?



Book 1

It isn’t natural for a seventeen-year-old girl to be without a social life, but there isn’t much natural about me anymore.

I, Anyanka Truman, am an aberration.

Two years ago, my life changed forever. Self-imposed exile seemed to be the only way to keep me safe from people who would use me as a lab rat, and from those who would hate my differences. Solitude became my new normal, the island my domain.

When new information connected to my condition is discovered, the ultimate betrayal is brought to light. Any peace I’d finally gained is shattered. Inevitable circumstances force me to trust outsiders, and I make the only decision I can…

We. End. This.


Rebecca E. McEwen

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