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It isn’t natural for a seventeen-year-old girl to be without a social life, but there isn’t much natural about me anymore.    I, Anyanka Truman, am an aberration.

Two years ago, my life changed forever. Self-imposed exile seemed to be the only way to keep me safe from people who would use me as a lab rat, and from those who would hate my differences. Solitude became my new normal, the island my domain.

When new information connected to my condition is discovered, the ultimate betrayal is brought to light. Any peace I’d finally gained is shattered. Inevitable circumstances force me to trust outsiders, and I make the only decision I can…

We. End. This.

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Who is Naomi Valkyrie?

I often ask that question myself. I am so many things on any given day that I never quite know what the answer is. I have many labels: wife, mother, writer, reader, artist, Priestess, Autistic woman, introvert, adventurer, knowledge seeker, shadow dancer...

But are any of those actually who I am? They are definitely pieces of me, but with my ever-evolving life adventure, there is no description that quite sums up the essence of my soul.


This site is dedicated to my life-long, multi-layered love affair with books!