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“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.”

– Isabel Allende

The Book Dungeon

Welcome to my Book Dungeon...

...woven together with the magic of words and imbued with the spirits of adventure, mystery, and romance. Here you are invited to take a book from the shelf, sit by the fire and embrace fantasy, explore new identities and worlds, and see new perspectives through the eyes of diverse character experiences.

Bring your daemons/familiars, a cup of tea, and an open mind as you step into the world of imagination, where magic is real and anything is possible.

Naomi Valkyrie

Naomi Valkyrie, often called a Firebrand Provocateur, brings her unique Autistic perspectives and curiosities to life by weaving tales of deep connection, mystery, and romance. She is inspired by being able to spontaneously create a thought that takes on a life of its own, opening up new adventures for her readers.

The Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy realms are particular areas of interest for Naomi as they allow for the vast exploration of magic, adventure, and the impossible while creating diverse characters that her readers connect with on an emotional level.

When she isn’t attending to familial connections, Naomi loves a dark, comfy reading space surrounded by the symbolism of her spiritual archetypes and her daemon/familiars, while she sips her Starbucks tea and immerses herself in imagination.

House Valdis Series



The Rise of House Valdis

Book 1

It Comes From Within

Book 2

Life is Hell Series

No Rest for the Wicked

Book 1

Delilah, Malakhi, & Caspian's Story

Hell Hath No Fury

Book 2

Sheridan & Millicent's Story

Hell in a Handbasket

Book 3

Teivel & Oren's Story

Sure As Hell

Book 4

Jaru & Larkspur's Story

A Cold Day In Hell

Book 5

Hadassah & Jezebel's Story

Something Wicked

Book 6

Madok & Kasim's Story


The Husbands

Contemporary Romance

Dorian & Augustine's Story

Secret Project

Coming Soon!

Secret Project

Coming Soon!

Short Stories/Novellas

Fate, Frankincense & Funerals

Paranormal Romance

Acheron & Errapel's story

The Ghastly Gumball

Paranormal Romance - RomCom

Lockwood & Rexton's story

The Final Bite

Paranormal Romance

Quinnlan & Garrett's story

Writing As Sinister Styx

Corpse Pixie

Standalone UF/PNR

CW: Dubcon, Violence, Addiction

Glass Houses

Dark Love Story

CW: Domestic Violence, Adultery, Suicide

Secret Project

Coming Soon!

Books with Rebecca E. McEwen

The Widow

A Dark Romantic Fantasy

Vashti, Absalom & Simeon


Book 1

Rebecca E. McEwen

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