This is by no means a complete list of indie authors. Remember that writing is an art form and is subjective. There may be authors on this list that resonate with you more than others. It is your responsibility to read up on the author and their works to see if they are a good fit for you.

If you are an author who would like to be linked here, please send me your author name, the genres you write in, and one link you want your listing to connect to. If you are an author who has been listed on this directory and wish to be removed, please let me know. Readers are welcome to send me suggestions of authors to add - remember that, as the directory name specifies, they must be Indie.

There may be a note beside some authors with a plus sign. This means that some of their books blend genres. For instance, if someone is in the Fantasy genre, but it is a Romantic Fantasy, you may see a note that says (+Romance).

This  directory is currently divided up by genre and names are listed alphabetically by FIRST NAME. Some authors may show up under more than one genre.

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