Life is Hell 3: Hell in A Handbasket


Going to Juniper Lake to help out my ex was supposed to be a one-time thing…

But I’m a glutton for punishment.

I’m Teivel Tynan, tracker demon, consumed with bitterness and afraid to love again – but also ridiculously attracted to Oren, my ex’s deputy.

I come with a ton of baggage and he’s a Demon Hunter. Everything seems stacked against us.

When a bundle of joy mysteriously appears on Oren’s doorstep, it leads us to a mystery we never expected. Forced together in order to save lives, a fragile connection is built between us. Everything I never knew I wanted is now a possibility.

I’ve faced down many a monster and demon, but am I brave enough to hold onto the promise of a future when everything around us goes to hell in a hand basket?

Book 3 in the Life is Hell Series

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery, M/M Romance

CW: smoking, mild violence


Found Family

Enemies to Lovers

Good vs. Evil

Emotional wounds