Life is Hell 5: A Cold Day in Hell


Sent to Earth on probation,

Pretty sure there couldn’t be a worse punishment.

All I want is to go home…

I’m Hadassah Engel, angel, in trouble for sharing my power with my brother, Malakhi – an exile from Heaven.

I took a risk helping my brother save a demon and my punishment is hell on Earth.

Counting down the days until I can go back to paradise, I do my best not to get involved in my brother’s family affairs. Still, knowing how important Mal’s family is to him, when Jezebel’s past comes calling, I go on the run with her to keep her safe. Trust me, it’s got to be better than dealing with Mal’s reaction if I let her go alone.

Pushed together by dangerous circumstances, my heart can’t help but get involved. Am I willing to sacrifice my life in paradise for the reclusive dog shifter who has taught me how to love?

Book 5 in the Life is Hell Series

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy 

F/F Romance

CW: mild violence


Found Family

Enemies to Lovers

Good vs. Evil

I want you, but you're annoying af

The past comes back to haunt you

Necromancers are evil bastards